5 ton weight tire change. Why do these trucks have too many axles and tires?

Open pit mining trucks need to be extremely powerful and large to handle working hours of up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since the largest mining trucks can carry around 360 tonnes, they must have the best equipment and specifications. Tires with a unit price of $43,000 are used in open pit mining trucks. Due to the long operating times and the difficult terrain they operate on, these tires require frequent maintenance, and special equipment is needed to do this.


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For the maintenance of tires, a forklift with special accessories is needed since each tire weighs 5 tons and dimensions are up to 3.5 meters. Because removing a tire weighing 5 tons is only possible with another work machine. In fact, each of these tires has the power to carry up to 100 tons. However, as we mentioned, since they operate in difficult terrains, their malfunctions are much higher than other land vehicles. Therefore, in difficult terrain, it is common for them to be protected with chains to prevent sharp stones from damaging them.


big tire
big tire
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