Amazing Caterpillar 6015B Excavator Loading Mercedes and MAN Trucks

How can the Caterpillar 6015B Excavator dispatch the trucks approaching to the right and left of the mine site without waiting? This is actually not that difficult thanks to the 6015B Excavator’s giant bucket with a carrying capacity of 14.6t to 16.1t. Caterpillar 6015B Excavator fills the trailers of the trucks with its large bucket in two turns and quickly dispatches the trucks waiting for cargo.


YouTube video


WOW Cat # 1 two cycles trucks are loaded less than a minute 5 to 6 Truckers doing an organized dance for loading. This is production at it’s finest. Excellent video

That caterpillar sure knows how to load trucks better than my morning cup of coffee!

Great video, great full loads with minimal spillage. Very efficient and effective cab operator

Very Heavy machinery and Powerfull

Please can we have long footage of Caterpillar 395 and 390f please

Heavy machinery is a symphony of power and precision


Caterpillar 6015B Excavator
Caterpillar 6015B Excavator
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