Building a New Driveway with Heavy Equipments

There are many steps to follow to build a new driveway. These steps almost follow the next one. If any of them are missing, it would not make sense to talk about the next step.


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We can list these steps as follows. Project Planning, Design, Permits, Infrastructure Construction, Surface Coating, Road Surface Construction, Markings and Maintenance.


Steps to Follow in Building a New Driveway


Project planning includes the processes that begin with determining which route the driveway will be built on and where the necessary land analysis is carried out.

Design, as the name suggests, is about determining what the structure of the road will be like.

Permissions title varies depending on the Country, Geography and region of residence. In addition to the different management styles of each country, it is also based on regional differences within the country. For this reason, it is useful to learn the processes in the region where the road will be built.

Our infrastructure construction title is related to the completion of the infrastructure works of the road after the Project, Design and Permits are provided.

Surfacing generally includes roads made of asphalt or concrete or even pavement in some cases.

Signs are related to Traffic rules.

Maintenance consists of a process that requires regular checks of the road used to ensure long-term sustainability.

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Building a New Driveway
Building a New Driveway




On the other hand, building a new driveway varies depending on the size of the project and the land structure. Engineers and construction teams need many construction machines and equipment to successfully manage the road construction process. The determination of these machines varies depending on the obstacles waiting for you on the route of the road. The area where a new driveway will be constructed may be wooded, rocky or swamp. The factor in determining the work machine you need is entirely related to the terrain.

For example, log removal machines are used to clear the logs on the road route, but in case they are not available, the Excavator is a good alternative. As in this example, the needs of the area where the road will be built are determined by engineers in advance.


What are the reasons for needing a new driveway?


In today’s world where technology is rapidly developing, the increasing number of vehicles negatively affects transportation and we see rapidly increasing vehicle queues in traffic. Building alternative roads is always a good option to distribute the density of the increasing population. Another factor is the need for closer distance roads. For example, while road A can travel to a region 500 km away in 5 hours, when the distance decreases to 300 km with the new road, transportation will be reduced to 3 hours. This is a financial gain in terms of both time and fuel.

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