Caterpillar 660B Scraper works wonders with the support of two dozers

The Caterpillar 660B Scraper is a self-propelled earthmoving machine used in bulk excavation and grading operations. It is widely used in construction, mining and road construction projects.


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In road landscaping works that normally require a truck and a dozer, the scraper provides the convenience of combining both. It achieves this by storing its own blade in its middle part.

Caterpillar 660B Scraper is very powerful with 410 kW engine power. However, in some cases, the bucket can be filled much faster with the power support of a different work machine by pushing it from the rear to push the limits of the machine or to speed up the work.


Specific features of the Caterpillar 660B Scraper


Capacity, the pile capacity of the Caterpillar 660B Scraper is approximately 41.3 m³. This large capacity allows it to transport significant amounts of material in a single pass.

The Powertrain is equipped with a powerful Caterpillar diesel engine designed to provide reliable performance and fuel efficiency. This engine produces 410 kW of power and allows the scraper to reach 50 km/h.


Caterpillar 660B Specific features
Caterpillar 660B Specific features


Other important features of the Caterpillar 660B Scraper

Controls: It has a user-friendly control system that allows precise positioning and control of the machine. The control system ensures smooth operation and helps optimize efficiency.

Rugged Construction: The 660B Scraper is built with a durable frame and components designed to withstand harsh operating conditions in the construction and mining industries. Designed for long-term performance and high uptime.

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Caterpillar 660B features
Caterpillar 660B features




Overall, the Caterpillar 660B Scraper is a reliable and efficient earthmoving machine designed to tackle large-scale earthmoving and grading projects. It offers high capacity, powerful performance and advanced features to maximize productivity and reduce operating costs.

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