Extreme Powerful Heavy-Duty Machines That Are On Another Level

We think it will surprise you to get an idea about the machines with extraordinary dimensions that benefit sectors such as Forestry, Mining and Construction, featured in our article. This is an excavator, sometimes a dump truck, sometimes a loader, in short, the most powerful and most extraordinary ones in each category have been brought together.


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Since we know as well as you that there is nothing as fun as reading extraordinary comments on extraordinary machines, we have compiled the most liked comments on YouTube for you.


Extreme Powerful Heavy-Duty Machines
Extreme Powerful Heavy-Duty Machines


The 2nd machine the piling machine.
The attachment it was using to dig the hole is a huge version of the much smaller human muscle powered post hole digger that, I became intimately familiar with, digging holes for fence posts.

Metric or standard no problem. It’s fun to calculate in numbers your information these 2 ways watching these awesome machines

Need one of them diamond mower front end mulcher attachments for when the zombie riots hit them things are intense.

Today we have some of the most dangerous and powerful machines that are on another level.

I would listen to more of these videos if yous guys would use inches feet and pounds.

Why wouldn’t you just buy a real hydraulic compactor and/or a metal/green waste shredder compactors? That roller thing looked like it came out of the Flintstones!

I like the machines.
But when you talk in meters and that kind of stuff that makes no sense to me.
I understand what pounds feet and inches.

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A bobcat with a trencher attachment is not massive or extreme seriously


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