Incredibly Fastest Big Wood Saws Work on Another Level

What we actually want to talk about are the machines that process timber the fastest in these days when the industry is developing rapidly and we are going through a consumption frenzy. Some of these machines are the largest in their class and some are the fastest. There is no room for heavy old machines here. You will observe this very well while watching the video.


YouTube video


The engineering behind these machines must be next level.

Salute to the engineers and builders who create these incredible machines!

The controlled power of milling machines transforms rough surfaces into smooth and even textures.

Could watch this all day. Theres something about big machines…

Never knew wood could be chopped THAT fast.

My grandpas old sawmill was nothing like this. Times have changed!

Used to work in a sawmill, nothing compared to this high-tech stuff!

Is it weird that I find these industrial saws kinda beautiful?

The scale of these operations is just mind-blowing.

The noise alone must be earth-shattering.

The power consumption must be off the charts.

Technology making hard jobs look easy. Love to see it.

Wonder what the maintenance checklist looks like for these beasts.

Satisfyin’ crunches got me all relaxed.

Who can predict the durability of each saw, will it still work after 10 years? I want to buy

That Timberjack 1270 is cut-to-length forestry harvester just like Valmet presented before, not feller buncher.

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