Large Excavator hydraulic shear attachment and Powerful crushing machines

The share of recycling in the development of the industry is quite large. For this reason, old or outdated machines should be scrapped and their parts recycled. In this sense, there are many hydraulically powered crushing machines and hydraulic shears attached to the arms of excavators.


YouTube video


Recycling machines that work with a hydraulic system are divided into types according to the size of the job. If it is a car that needs to be scrapped, it must first be broken into pieces with an excavator and then crushed with a press system.


Powerful crushing machines


The 1st one is one that’s been featured in at least one other video I’ve seen, and it’s still my favorite because it’s so extreme. When you hear a relatively high pitched motor sound, but see incredibly slow chopper wheels, you know you’re looking at a torque multiplication factor of a mind blowing proportion. That’s why these wheels DO NOT stall and reverse, like the wimpier shredders do – not even when crushing the engine block and chomping up the hardened steel of the camshafts.

Those poor cars. Once someone’s pride and joy. Hours spent working to pay for them. The joys and sorrows they saw, good times and bad….crunch…gone.

you have a new sub, those machines are amazing, the one that ate the car was the best, and when the boat was getting ripped i said to meself “oh shit, the wheel” just then the operator grabbed it. think of the electric bill. shit. also, you have no music, keep it that way, the machines sound so cool.

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Impressive. What happes after this proses? You can show us what it is remade into?

Next live I´ll do my job in this industry. Lot of entertainment and sound by the work – I think furthermore that´s well paid and a save job.

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