The Largest Transports In The World. Self-propelled modular trailers, or SPMTs

In the series of transportation of huge loads, what we want to show you this time is the transportation of an excavator or a large dump truck rather than a machine. What we want to talk about in this transportation process is the unusual self-propelled modular trailers or spmts.


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Self-propelled modular trailers, or SPMTs, have axles that can be controlled remotely; This makes monitoring the trailer easier as it gives the operator visibility from all angles and freedom to move in different directions. On Ed’s note, if they have a 22 axle spmt It has 8 wheels each, they are each capable of transporting excavators to the mine site but their speed is much slower than other machines in their range so these are often more than the weight of the load alone reserved for the transportation of supercargoes.


The Largest Transports In The World
The Largest Transports In The World
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