This Is How Oversized Loads Are Transported. The Largest Transports In The World

Have you ever wondered how the world’s largest machines are transported? We all sometimes see machines of unusual sizes while passing through a place or in an area we visit. Most of these machines are shipped in parts and assembled on-site to make them operational.


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However, sometimes the machine needs to be shipped to the region where it will operate in the huge size it left the factory. Well, in such a situation, have you ever wondered how machines with extraordinary dimensions are transported to the area where they will work? A great content that will satisfy your curiosity on this subject!


This Is How Oversized Loads Are Transported
This Is How Oversized Loads Are Transported


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The machine’s greatness is undeniable, and this video captures its capabilities with precision. Well done!

That was very fascinating ñ interesting to watch, thank u so much, 100 out of 10

Very good idea how to travel the backhoe to transfer to another site all heavyweight load

Brilliant idea with that skate! That thing is BEEFY too…Time is money, I imagine they’re not cheap.

dear from where you get these videos to male comment on it ? I hope you answer important issue

Most of the time, they are carried or transported by another heavy-duty system so that safety

I bet they can’t come up with a way to transport a P&H 9020 Dragline.

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Great show crew. Please, don’t stop doing what it is you do. All the best.

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