This Is How The BIGGEST Oversized Loads Are Transported

How to transport large loads? We will be talking about the most difficult and largest transportation jobs ever done in the world. Let’s get started then!


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Koubler Expedition


Kuebler recently took on the responsibility of moving a huge ship to its new home, they accomplished this by first separating the upper deck from the hull and transferring it to a carrier, while Koubler’s B crew was tasked with seizing the ship’s hull, they ran this operation multiple times thanks to simulations made before putting the cargo on the route As a result, it became easier for foreigners to move fully throughout the operation when operations began.


Felbermayr Oversized Loads Are Transported


Felbermayr Gmbh was tasked with moving a very old 200-tonne plant; this is for the main products in the Plastic production facility built by the Hungarian Oil and Ga Company and this will take you to a location 170 kilometers northeast of Budapest, this mechanism is supposed to be used instead of land Roots to avoid any hassle or problems to transport the cargo from the crane to the destination They decided to use sea routes and thanks to the efforts and capabilities of these 18-line SPMT, the project was completed in just five months.


Felbermayr Oversized Loads Are Transported


Beyel Brothers Oversized Loads Are Transported


Modular trailers are also used in power plants, chemical industry, iron and steel industry and construction industry, but since modular trailers cannot work independently of SPMTs, they are used as partners with trucks or tractors that can pull them when combined. They are known as highway rails feeling and groping, this is one of the most wonderful suppliers of Rad rails, in this operation they used a laptop trailer with Volvo FH750 to improve the transport service and make it faster and more versatile, this not only increases their speed but also increases their efficiency It’s also tremendous.


Equinor Boskalis Westminster Oversized Loads Are Transported


The Equinor Boskalis vessel was commissioned in July 2019 to lift the 325-meter-long Carnival Vista. The Carnival Vista experienced mechanical problems while sailing in the Caribbean and weighed 133,500 tons, so lifting it with cranes was out of the question because it was nearly impossible. The majority of the Vanguard ship’s semi-submersible hull allowed operation by allowing only the upper half of the ship’s vertical structures to remain above water. Boskalis made this possible, plus Bellis ensured the success of the activities previously described.


EMMERTINTL Freight Transport Company


International was once assigned to transport this foot-long, 32.5-ton fuel tank from Los Angeles to the California space station, which became a massive operation not only because of its size but also because nearly 1.5 million people watched it; thankfully the EMMERTINTL carrier did it successfully. He completed his job in just 68 hours.

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It is best to carry and hang large sized items they use two different trailers for this the gold Hofer hydraulic platform trailers used for transporting heavy loads have cross steering and Carousel steering functions with 90 degree cross steering each movement on it Computerized electronic steering, Cutting Edge 55 It can steer 135 degrees, more or less than Goldhofer THP trailers, which have 10-degree steering and the ability to easily access public roads.




EMMERT Freight Transport Company


Magnets are used to study subatomic particles, so they are very important but very difficult to transport. In 2016, Emmert was tasked with carrying a 50-foot-tall, electromagnet-powered unit 3,200 miles before it arrived at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. Its value is 30 million dollars and its transportation alone is 3 million dollars.


EMMERT Freight Transport Company
EMMERT Oversized Loads Are Transported


OMEGAMORGAN Freight Transport Company


Thank you cargo companies should take some precautions to ensure that the entire operation is safe and secure, for example they measure all aspects of the cargo and record the data so they can show it to the authorities when requested. Some of the same activities, authorities are closing or removing all bridges on the Route but Transport organizations like Omega Morgan are not allowing anything to break even if they are transporting a 400 tonne super bulk boat in a tight space.




Transporting it from one location to another was a difficult task due to its weight, with the result that National Group opted to simply remove its Wheels before loading, after it was determined that it had been transported using a road rail driven by two heavy vehicles. Providing greater safety not only for the people around, but also for the operators who accompany this machine throughout its journey.

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