Amazing factory, How to manufacture bitumen barrel from iron sheet

Producing bitumen barrels from iron sheet can be achieved by combining multiple processes in a professional facility that includes machines prepared for this job.


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First of all, iron sheets are required for this job: The first stage of the process is started by supplying iron sheets that meet the required specifications for barrel production.

Afterwards, the process of cutting and shaping the iron sheets takes place. Appropriate tools and machines are used at the facility to cut the iron sheets into the desired shape and size for the barrel.

The next process involves welding the iron sheets we cut.

The final stage of the production process involves adding the necessary components. Depending on the design and purpose of the bitumen barrels, if you need to add additional components such as handles, lids and sealing mechanisms, these operations are done.

It is necessary to test the barrels following the production process. Tests are carried out with quality control devices located at the facility to ensure that the barrels meet the safety and performance standards for bitumen storage.

In the next stage, the finishing and painting process of the barrels, which have no problems in production, begins. The process is completed by painting the barrels with a suitable coating to protect against corrosion and increase durability.

Before loading onto the truck, it is useful to make another visual check after the coating and painting process.


How to produce bitumen barrels
How to produce bitumen barrels
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