Excavator shear destroyed former giant ship in minutes

Excavator scissors are equipment that can be used for many different tasks such as digging ground, demolition operations and material handling. The operation of the scissors generally occurs with hydraulic systems.


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What are the usage areas of excavator scissors?


Excavator shears are widely used in many industries such as construction, road construction, mining, recycling industry and processing of non-ferrous metals. These equipment enable you to move, cut or demolish materials efficiently and safely.

In the recycling industry, there are many vehicles such as a Ship, Plane, Car or a scrapped train wagon. The largest of these vehicles are undoubtedly ships, as we all know. As gigantic ships spend their lives in the sea, they will eventually find themselves disassembled in a recycling industry. With the giant excavator shears used here, these huge ships are dismantled within hours, leaving no trace of their former state.

Since ship metals travel overseas compared to other vehicles, most of the metals are made of more durable materials. However, no matter how durable the excavator’s hydraulic scissors are, with the power it receives from the hydraulics, it starts to tear apart the other one, regardless of how solid it is.


Excavator scissors usage areas
Excavator scissors usage areas


What are the dimensions of excavator scissors?


Excavator shears are available in different sizes and capacities. The size and capacity of the shear depends on the size and power of the excavator. Larger and stronger scissors are used when hard materials need to be cut or demolished, while smaller and lighter scissors are ideal for thinner or smaller materials.

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Excavator shear dimensions
Excavator shear dimensions


What are the specific features of excavator shears?


The basic components of the excavator shear include the jaw system, hydraulic cylinders, cutting blades and grippers. The jaw system is used to hold, cut or grasp material. Hydraulic cylinders enable the scissors to open and close and provide a powerful cutting ability. Cutting blades are designed for cutting material or for use in demolition operations. Grippers are used to compress the material in the jaw of the scissors.


Excavator scissors features
Excavator scissors features


Operators using excavator shears must be experienced and trained. Operators must know the working capacity and limits of the scissors and follow safety precautions and occupational health and safety rules.

In conclusion, an excavator shear is equipment that is mounted on an excavator and used for tasks such as digging ground, demolition operations and material handling. These equipment are used in various industries and provide efficiency and occupational safety when used safely.

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