CAT D10T2 bulldozer pushes the rocks resulting from landscaping works

CAT D10T2 bulldozer, Caterpillar Inc. It is a powerful and heavy-duty machine produced by.


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Being a powerful and large bulldozer, the CAT D10T2 bulldozer offers many advantages compared to other bulldozers when working in the field. For example, a surprise rock coming out of the ground during road correction works may cause the work to take longer for many bulldozers. But if you have a powerful bulldozer like the CAT D10T2, this rock can be as easy as pushing soil into its powerful engine. This is an important factor for the rapid progress of work. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the wonderful features of this powerful machine.


Specific key features of the CAT D10T2 bulldozer


Engine: The CAT D10T2 Bulldozer, which has the power to push this huge piece of rock, is equipped with a CAT C27 ACERT engine that provides a net power of 600 horsepower.
Operating Weight: The operating weight of the CAT D10T2 is approximately 154,000 pounds (69,853 kilograms).
Blade: Features a U-Blade with a blade capacity of 45.3 cubic yards (34.6 cubic meters), designed specifically for Heavy-duty dozing applications.


CAT D10T2 Bulldozer specific features
CAT D10T2 Bulldozer specific features


Other important technical features of the CAT D10T2 bulldozer


Ripper, Bulldozer can be equipped with a multi-prong ripper attachment that allows efficient tearing and loosening of materials.
The transmission features a three-speed planetary powershift transmission for smooth and precise operation.
Track System, The bulldozer is equipped with a high tensile strength track system that provides excellent traction and maneuverability in various terrains.
Operator Comfort: The CAT D10T2 offers a spacious, ergonomic cab with advanced controls, adjustable seating and excellent visibility for enhanced operator comfort and productivity.
The technology can be equipped with high-tech features such as GPS and telematics for effective fleet management and real-time tracking.

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CAT D10T2 Bulldozer features
CAT D10T2 Bulldozer features

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