Caterpillar 375 Excavator sets out to demonstrate its powerful features in another mine

Caterpillar 375 Excavator is a heavy-duty machine designed for a variety of earthmoving and construction works.


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Specific features of the Caterpillar 375 Excavator


The engine is powered by Caterpillar diesel engine which provides high performance and reliability.

Operating Weight, Caterpillar 375 Excavator operating weight typically ranges from 70,000 to 81,000 pounds depending on the specific configuration.

Bucket Capacity, The machine comes with a variety of bucket options ranging in capacity from 2.9 to 3.75 cubic yards.


Caterpillar 375 Excavator Specific Features
Caterpillar 375 Excavator Specific Features


Other important features of the Caterpillar 375 Excavator


Hydraulic System, The excavator’s hydraulic system is designed for smooth and precise operation, allowing efficient digging, lifting and boom movement.

Reach and Digging Depth, The Caterpillar 375 Excavator offers excellent reach and digging depth, allowing it to tackle a wide variety of jobs.

Operator Comfort and Control, The excavator is equipped with a large and comfortable cabin that provides operators with a suitable working environment. It also has intuitive controls for ease of use.

Safety Features Caterpillar equipment prioritizes operator safety and the 375 Excavator is no exception. It includes features such as secure access points, excellent visibility and advanced security systems.


Caterpillar 375 Excavator Features
Caterpillar 375 Excavator Features


Please note that equipment specifications may vary depending on model year and optional attachments.

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