Caterpillar 785C Large Dump truck

The Caterpillar 785C is a large transport truck commonly used in mining and construction operations. Updated versions of the dump truck, which was first introduced to the market in 2002, continue to be produced today.


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Specific features of the Caterpillar 785C Dump truck


Engine: The Caterpillar 785C Dump truck is powered by a Caterpillar 3512B EUI engine with a gross power rating of 1,869 horsepower (1082 kW). This powerful engine has 16 cylinders and allows the dump truck to reach 54.8 km/h.

Dimensions: Caterpillar 785C Dump truck measures 11.02 m in length, 6.64 m in width and 5.77 m in height.

Capacities: Net load is 136 tons and the unloading capacity of the dump truck is 91m³.

Operating Weight: The basic operating weight of the 785C is approximately 102t.


Caterpillar 785C Specific features
Caterpillar 785C Specific features


Other important features of the Caterpillar 785C Dump truck


Transmission: Equipped with an electronically controlled automatic transmission with seven forward and one reverse gears.

Cabin: The truck has a large and comfortable operator cab with ergonomic controls, air conditioning and excellent visibility.

Suspension: The 785C is equipped with a Caterpillar-designed AC electric drive system for enhanced performance and efficiency. It includes front and rear suspension systems to ensure a smooth ride.

Safety: The 785C includes a variety of safety features such as ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure), comprehensive lighting, emergency exit systems and advanced braking systems.

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Caterpillar 785C features
Caterpillar 785C features


Please note that these specifications may vary depending on the specific configuration and optional equipment selected for the Caterpillar 785C.

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