Experienced Excavator Operator Loading And Unloading Excavator

Experienced operator of JCB Brand Excavator loads and unloads the excavator onto the truck in an unusual way. During this process, there are many risks such as the excavator tipping over on its side or the trailer of the truck breaking off, but fortunately, such a bad situation does not occur.


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We present to you the most entertaining comments made on the YouTube platform under the video in which you will watch the truck rear up while the JCB Excavator is being loaded.


Experienced Excavator Operator Loading And Unloading Excavator
Experienced Excavator Operator Loading And Unloading Excavator


Not a story about skill but more a story of not caring about damage to people standing in crush zone and damage to equipment.

This just became the new shake hands with danger video for OSHA.

What a skillful patient dexterous maneuverability of a gigantic proportions staying cool and composed all the while !!!!

The risk is not worth the risk

Nice video!! for watch general people’s

And this is why the US has OSHA, weight limits on vehicles, DOT and proper loading procedures for such equipment. This is unsafe in all aspects. Just because it can be done doesn’t mean it should be. That machine is way to heavy for that truck.

That excavator looks to be a 20 or even 30 tonner. That truck can legally carry 16 at best.

The second person standing on the backhoe is a no no .These types of operations it’s safest to keep the cabin door closed while wearing seatbelt .

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I wonder WHO the first person was that said, “I bet I can drive that excavator off the back of that flat-bed trailer and not tear it up and not only that I bet I can drive it back on without ramps”. Bet the guy got a raise.

No problem…it’s a basic operation if you don’t have a drop or goose neck..any op worth his salt can-do it…I would be more worried about the electrical overhead power lines…and he lifted way to much..needs a bit more track on the bed first to help counter ballance..could have chosen a better spot to make it less risky

While that is impressive and it does take a great deal of skill what it truly shows is the lack of proper equipment and safety the enormous amount of stress being inflicted upon that truck frame and axles makes it completely unsafe drive much less to transport that machine

Not only is he putting his equipment at risk. Endangering the public transporting it on a vehicle not equipped too do so. And why is that person standing in the door of that piece of equipment while unloading. This tells me this operator has a total disregard for the safety of others. And should never operate a piece of equipment larger than a hand shovel.


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