Features of the Caterpillar 330C Long Reach Excavator

The Caterpillar 330C Long Reach Excavator is a heavy-duty construction machine designed for digging and excavation work. It is part of Caterpillar’s 300 series excavators and offers a long reach configuration for working at greater distances from the machine.


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Access to some work areas requires distance. For example, a stream bed located on the roadside and very low down is impossible for a standard excavator to enter or reach. Caterpillar 330C Long Reach Excavator comes into play in such situations, allowing you to minimize all risks.


Specific features of the Caterpillar 330C Long Reach Excavator


The 330C Longreach is equipped with a powerful Cat C9 engine delivering 247 horsepower (184 kW) net power. The operating weight of the machine is approximately 76,000 lbs (34,474 kg).

Boom and Arm Configuration: The Caterpillar 330C features a longer boom and arm setup compared to Standard excavators, allowing for a maximum digging reach of approximately 64.5 feet (19.7 meters) and a maximum digging depth of approximately 48.6 feet (14.8 meters). recognizes.

Bucket Capacity: Bucket capacity of the 330C Long Reach Excavator may vary depending on the type of bucket used. It generally ranges from 0.86 to 1.98 cubic yards (0.66 to 1.51 cubic meters).


Caterpillar 330C Specific features
Caterpillar 330C Specific features


Other key features of the Caterpillar 330C Long Reach Excavator


Hydraulic System: The machine uses Caterpillar’s advanced hydraulic system, providing smooth and precise operation for various attachments and boom movements.

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Operator Comfort: The excavator’s cabin is designed with operator comfort in mind, with features such as ergonomic controls, air conditioning and low noise levels to reduce fatigue during long working hours.

Advanced Technology: The 330C Long Range Excavator can be equipped with advanced telematics and monitoring systems that allow remote diagnostics, machine performance monitoring and efficient maintenance planning.


Caterpillar 330C features
Caterpillar 330C features




Overall, the Caterpillar 330C Long Reach Excavator is a versatile machine for large-scale construction and excavation projects that require extensive reach. It combines power, reach and advanced features to deliver reliable performance and productivity on the job site.

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