Huge Features of the CAT 994H Wheel Loader with a Weight of 200 Tons.

Let’s look at the differences from the standard equipment of the versions of the CAT 994H loader delivered to coal mines in the most powerful, dangerous and interesting series of machines.


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CAT 994H is operated in coal mines for an average of up to five hours at a time during a shift, that is, 10 or 11 hours. The operator’s cabin should be quite comfortable. In coal mines, it is very important that the operator is comfortable looking behind him. In this sense, it is worth saying first that the cabin is extraordinarily comfortable and specially configured for the coal mine. You can take the CAT 994H Loader with different variations, backrests, lumbar support, back and forth sliding seat exactly where you want. Another difference from standard equipment is its bucket. It comes with a 40 cubic meter oversized bucket as it will be used in coal operations.


CAT 994H Loader
CAT 994H Loader

What coal mines need most is a reliable loader. Because loaders are one of the most critical machines in the mine. CAT Company uses the highest quality materials to ensure their machines last a long time. All his rivals take him as an example in this sense. Plus, what Caterpillar does particularly well is the quality support you get when you have a problem. In addition, the 994H gives much lower emissions from the exhaust pipe than its competitors.

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