Rescue of stuck Excavator with operating weight 100,000 lbs

Removing the 100,000 lbs excavator, which was stuck in a hole in the work area and surrounded by mud, from the swamp where it had been trapped for 12 weeks.


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First of all, a more powerful work machine was definitely needed in order to gain superiority in the balance of power. That’s right, rescue work was started with the Sany SY155U excavator, which produces 78.5 kW of power and can step on the mud better thanks to its wide track.


Sany SY155U
Sany SY155U


The surroundings of the excavator were first cleared of mud with the help of the bucket and the excavator became visible. What needed to be done here was to push the boards under the pallet, tie the buckets of the excavators together and pull the stuck excavator. As a matter of fact, it happened and the excavator was easily rescued from the mud it was stuck in, with the support it received from the wood.

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