The excavator was loaded onto the truck by an experienced operator using an unusual method

Loading Crawler Excavators onto trucks is always risky. A small mistake can cause serious accidents. Because Excavators are very heavy duty machines in terms of tonnage. To explain the concept of weight here, we are talking about a load that can reach up to 300 tons, depending on the size of the excavator! Since loading such a moving weight is quite risky, compatible trailers have been developed for this job and loading risks have been reduced to zero.


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However, things in the field do not always proceed as loading the right work machine onto the right trailer. Sometimes you may have to do this with the resources you have. We would like to say that the experience of the operator definitely comes to the fore here. The operator can create a hill for the Excavator to be loaded onto the truck and try to go straight up. Or the truck can be approached from a height and loaded there. Apart from all these, loading the excavator onto the truck from flat ground may have very dangerous consequences. Even if you are experienced, it is a very risky procedure. The head of the truck may rise into the air and crash hard to the ground or even tip over onto its side.


Loading of excavators onto trucks
Loading of excavators onto trucks
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