Volvo EC240BLC Excavator climbing

As it is known, as the area where excavators excavate for the construction site gets deeper, they may need to descend meters below the ground depending on the project request. So how to remove the excavator from this area when the excavation work is completed?


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This process is actually carried out by pulling itself up with the help of a bucket, if the excavator has not gone too deep, or by pushing itself up by pressing the bucket on the ground. The excavator has a structure capable of performing this maneuver. However, if the depth of the bucket is not deep enough from the ground, the only thing to do here is to call a crane that can carry more load than the weight of the excavator and lift it up.

In the lower picture, an excavator is displayed, which managed to climb up from a depth of approximately 3 meters, without any support, only with the help of its own bucket.


Volvo EC240BLC
Volvo EC240BLC
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