Cat 988K Wheel Loader Increases Speed in Loading Trucks with its Large Bucket Capacity

Cat 988K, Caterpillar Inc. It is a large wheel loader produced by. Designed for heavy-duty applications in industries such as mining, quarrying and construction. The 988K offers high productivity, durability and operator comfort.


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Specific Features of the Cat 988K Wheel Loader


Engine: The Cat 988K Wheel Loader is equipped with a powerful Cat C18 engine known for its reliability and fuel efficiency. Provides high torque and power to tackle tough tasks. This engine produces 405 kW of power.

Bucket Capacity: Standard bucket capacity is 6.9 m³. It provides efficient material transportation and loading with optional bucket capacity options ranging from 6.2 to 13.5 cubic meters.

Operating Weight: The 988K’s operating weight ranges from approximately 51 to 58 tonnes, depending on configuration and optional attachments.

Payload Capacity: The loader has a payload capacity of up to 11 tonnes, allowing it to transport large volumes of material in a single pass.


Cat 988K Specific Features
Cat 988K Specific Features


Other Key Features of the Cat 988K Wheel Loader


Advanced technology


The 988K includes advanced technology features such as the Cat Production Measurement (CPM) system that provides real-time load information and Cat Connect technology for fleet management and equipment monitoring.


Operator Comfort


The 988K offers a spacious and ergonomic operator station with excellent visibility. It includes features such as adjustable seats, climate control and intuitive controls to increase operator comfort and productivity.

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Security Features


Caterpillar prioritizes safety in the design of the 988K. It includes features such as rearview cameras, object detection systems and ergonomic access points to ensure safe operation.


Cat 988K Features
Cat 988K Features


Cat 988K Wheel Loader Overview


The Cat 988K is a reliable and efficient wheel loader that excels in heavy-duty applications, providing high performance and operator satisfaction.

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