Caterpillar D11T Powerful Engine Easily Pushes Rock-Covered Soil

The Caterpillar D11T is a large bulldozer designed for heavy-duty earthmoving and mining applications. It is known for its extraordinary strength, durability and productivity.


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What are the Specific Features of the Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer?


Engine: The D11T is equipped with a powerful Cat C32 ACERT engine that provides high horsepower and torque for efficient operation in harsh conditions. This engine produces 681 kW of power. It meets emission standards and offers fuel efficiency.

Blade Capacity: The bulldozer has a large blade with a capacity of 43 cubic yards (33 cubic meters). This allows materials to be pushed and spread efficiently.

Weight: The weight of the Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer is 104.24t.

Dimensions: Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer’s length is 10.52m, width is 3.78m and height is 4.72m.


Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer Specific Features
Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer Specific Features


Other Important Features of Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer


Undercarriage of Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer


The D11T features a robust undercarriage system designed to withstand heavy loads and provide excellent traction. It features an upgraded sprocket design, advanced track roller technology and insulated and lubricated track chains for longer service life.


Operator Comfort


The bulldozer offers a spacious and comfortable cab with excellent visibility. It is equipped with ergonomic controls, adjustable seating and advanced climate control systems to increase operator comfort and productivity.

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Technology and Security


The D11T includes advanced technologies such as Cat Grade Control and AccuGrade systems that provide precision grading and increase productivity. It also includes safety features such as rearview cameras, object detection systems, and operator presence monitoring for better job site safety.




D11T is designed to provide easy maintenance and serviceability. It offers ground-level access to essential components, centralized lubrication points and advanced diagnostic systems for fast and effective maintenance.


Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer Features
Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer Features


Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer Overview


Overall, the Caterpillar D11T is a reliable and high-performance bulldozer that excels in demanding earthmoving and mining operations.

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