Caterpillar 6060 Loads autonomous trucks

Caterpillar 6060 is manufactured by Caterpillar Inc., a famous American construction and mining equipment company. It is a large hydraulic mining shovel manufactured by.


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Specific features of Caterpillar 6060


Size: The Caterpillar 6060 is classified as a super-large mining shovel and is among the largest in the Caterpillar product line.
Bucket Capacity: It has bucket capacity ranging from 34 to 42 cubic meters, making it ideal for large-scale mining operations.
Operating Weight: The operating weight of the Caterpillar 6060 ranges from approximately 585 to 612 metric tons depending on additional attachments or modifications.


Caterpillar 6060 specific features
Caterpillar 6060 specific features


Other important features of the Caterpillar 6060


Power, The shovel is powered by a diesel engine that provides high horsepower for efficient digging and loading.
Productivity, the 6060 is designed to optimize productivity and minimize downtime and includes advanced technologies to increase overall efficiency and performance.
Operator Comfort, The operator cabin is designed for comfort and is equipped with ergonomic controls and a spacious environment for long-term work.
Durability and Adaptability, The 6060 is built with Caterpillar’s renowned durability and adaptability, making it suitable for a variety of mining environments.


Caterpillar 6060 features
Caterpillar 6060 features




The Caterpillar 6060 mining shovel is often used for tasks such as excavating overburden in large-scale open-pit mining operations or loading mined material onto transport trucks. By providing exceptional digging power and productivity, it contributes to increased efficiency and reduced operating costs in the mining industry.

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