Features of BELAZ 75710, which can carry 450 tons of load.

BELAZ 75710 is a mining dump truck produced by the Belarusian company BELAZ. It is one of the largest mining trucks in the world.


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What are the specific features of BELAZ 75710?


Capacity, the payload capacity of the BELAZ 75710 is 450 metric tons, meaning it can carry up to 450,000 kilograms or 496 tons of material.
Engine, Powered by two 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines producing 2,300 horsepower each, for a total of 4,600 horsepower.
Speed, The truck’s maximum speed when empty is approximately 64 kilometers per hour (40 mph).
Dimensions, The truck is approximately 20 meters long, 9 meters wide and 8 meters high.
Tires, Equipped with eight large tires weighing approximately 5.35 tonnes each, designed to withstand the harsh conditions of Mining operations.


BELAZ 75710 Specific Features
BELAZ 75710 Specific Features


What are the other important features of BELAZ 75710?


Durability, The structure of this mining truck is designed to withstand heavy duty. A specially durable package ensures that the vehicle can carry heavy loads.
Efficient braking system, BelAZ 75710 has an effective braking performance thanks to its hydraulic braking system. This ensures that the truck can brake safely and is safer when transporting the load.
Road conditions are as follows, This mining truck is specially designed for off-road use. Large tires and durable endurance system ensure the vehicle clears road widths even in difficult mining sites.


BELAZ 75710 Features
BELAZ 75710 Features




BELAZ 75710 is used in large-scale mining operations to transport large amounts of minerals or other materials from mining areas to processing plants or storage facilities. Its enormous size and high carrying capacity make it highly efficient in reducing transportation costs and increasing productivity in the mining industry.

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