Caterpillar 797B Dump Truck with 623 Ton operating weight

The 797B model, which Caterpillar first introduced in 2003, is now one of the first preferred dump trucks in giant mining areas. The biggest reason for this is its carrying capacity and solid material structure. When we look at the carrying capacity, the Caterpillar 797B Dump Truck’s own weight (empty weight) is 265 tons, its load capacity is 358 tons and the total operating weight reaches 623 tons.


YouTube video


When we look at other important features of the Caterpillar 797B Dump truck, its transportation length is 14.53 m, its width is 9.76 m, and its height is 7.58 m. It has a huge engine with 3524B EUI Engine type and produces 2648 kW power. This engine has 24 cylinders and allows a truck of this size to reach a speed of 67.6 per hour.




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