Liebherr T282-B Mining Truck, 400 Ton loading capacity and incredible size features

The Liebherr T282-B is one of the largest and most powerful transport trucks produced by the Liebherr Group, a world leader in the production of heavy machinery and equipment. It is specifically designed for mining and large-scale earthmoving operations, offering exceptional performance and capacity.


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What are the specific features of the Liebherr T282-B Truck?


Capacity: T282-B is an ultra-class transport truck known for its massive size and payload capacity. The weight we are talking about here is 400 tons net load weight. Yes, you read that right, the load capacity of this giant truck, whose own weight is 187 tons, is 400 tons. This makes it suitable for transporting large amounts of material in mining and excavation projects.

Engine Power: The truck is equipped with a powerful diesel engine that provides exceptional performance and efficiency. It is equipped with a 20V4000 engine type with 20 cylinders that can produce 2725 kW of power to carry a load of 400 tons.

Dimensions: Liebherr T282-B Giant Truck is measured as 14.5 m in length, 8.8 m in width and 7.4 m in height.


Liebherr T282B specific features
Liebherr T282-B specific features


What are the other important features of the Liebherr T282-B Truck?


Electric Drive System: The T282-B uses an electric drive system that offers several advantages over traditional mechanical drivetrains. This system increases fuel efficiency, improves control and braking capabilities, and reduces maintenance requirements.

Advanced Suspension System: The truck is equipped with an advanced suspension system that provides a smooth and stable ride even in difficult off-road conditions. It helps minimize operator fatigue and contributes to increased productivity and safety by providing excellent traction.

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Safety and Ergonomics: Liebherr places great emphasis on safety and operator comfort in its equipment, and the T282-B is no exception. It has a spacious and ergonomic cabin with excellent visibility, sound insulation and ergonomic controls. Various safety features are integrated, including advanced braking systems, stability control and automatic monitoring systems.

Ease of Maintenance and Service: T282-B is designed to provide ease of maintenance and service. It enables effective inspection and maintenance tasks by combining features such as accessible service points, on-board diagnostics and easy access to key components.

Environmental Considerations: Liebherr focuses on minimizing the environmental impact of its equipment and the T282-B was designed with energy efficiency and reduced emissions in mind. The electric drive system helps reduce fuel consumption, while advanced exhaust aftertreatment systems contribute to reducing emissions.


Liebherr T282B features
Liebherr T282-B features


Liebherr T282-B Truck overview


The Liebherr T282-B transport truck is a powerhouse in the mining industry, offering impressive capacity, performance and reliability. Its advanced features, focus on operator safety and environmental considerations make it a valuable asset for large-scale earthmoving operations.

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