Caterpillar D11N Large Bulldozer weighing 100 Tons

Yes, the features we want to talk about is Caterpillar’s D11N Series bulldozer, which maintains its place among the large-sized bulldozers with a weight of 100 tons.


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The only reason why the Caterpillar D11N Bulldozer takes its place in the big leagues is not because it weighs 100 tons. The D11N Bulldozer is powered by Caterpillar’s own C32 engine. This engine produces 670 kW of power. This engine allows the bulldozer to reach 11.2 km/h. When we look at the dimensions of the bulldozer, its carrying length is 6.16 m, its width is 4.38 m and its height is 4.72 m.


Caterpillar D11N Large Bulldozer
Caterpillar D11N Large Bulldozer


Caterpillar D11 N series first started production in 2019 and continues today as of 2024.

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