Complete By The Bulldozer Building New Road Cut Of Canal Side

Bulldozer and Excavator operators did a great job as they started working on a canal flowing from the roadside and for the villagers who had to walk a long way to cross the road.


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First, the water channel pipes were thrown into the channel in the direction where the water flowed, and then soil began to be thrown on it with an excavator. When the canal reached a certain fill, all that was needed was a bulldozer to level the soil. The bulldozer both hardened the soil by acting as a press and turned the filled soil into a road. Of course, the water flowing through the canal now flows through pipes under the ground.


Bulldozer New Road Of Canal
Bulldozer New Road Of Canal


Those guys must only need the road for a few hours because it’s not going to last long for all the work.

They took 9-10 hours to build this road but on the other hand one small drop of rain the road is gone! Note my words.

When the water overflows from the dumpings… WASH AWAY EVERYTHING… DO YOU IMAGINE MR. VLOGGER…

Water current is strong. Use bulldozer to push big volume of filling materials. Slow work and lots of materials wash out.

As he is trying to close the gap , the dirt is washing away

Please show more than just the filling and the crossing! There must be more than this! Thank You

Total waste using the excavator and operator. Just build up a pile with the dozer and when ready to close the breach, shove the pile in. Only real need for the excavator was overgrowth removal once the breach was closed.

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When you miss your childhood days and what to play outside with your toy’s this is what’s happening here.

wouldn’t it have made more sense to just let the bulldozer push all the dirt down the hill and close the gap! lord help them

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