Harvester Machine Loading on Boat in Sindh River

Although this sounds crazy, it is a method that people who have no other choice have to do. Yes, this is not a one-time job. This is a process carried out by taking into account all risks at every time of need.


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The calmness of the Sindh River, where the incident took place, also contributed greatly to the villagers’ encouragement. Can this crazy move be done in a wavy sea? Of course it is impossible.


Harvester Machine
Harvester Machine


If it was my boat, I’d attach two outriggers to the boat, about 30 feet out from either side, using several plastic 55 gallon drums in a row. A single-hulled boat has a tendency to roll very very easily, like a canoe. The problem with loading this harvesting machine is not the weight, it’s the high center of gravity.

You should only be impressed AFTER the harvesting machine is safely offloaded on the other side. It’s a good thing that river is very calm.

Wow. I’ve done some dangerous things working around combines,but that is a whole new level of living on the edge. I love it’s not tied down or wheels chocked. If she goes over,boat ain’t tied to it

If you take strong belief and ingenuity and then mix it with a total disregard for safety, it’s amazing what people can achieve.

They can get two boats together, side by side but not connected. Just fasten them with beams or scrapped truck chassis rails, then roll the harvester in position. It would be a much stable platform. Their method is too risky for such an expensive machinery, even a wave from passing boats can destabilise the load and tip it in.

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Wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it. Of course, the big question here is how far did they get down the river?

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