Komatsu PC1250 Excavator with long reach boom arm

Komatsu PC1250 is a heavy-duty hydraulic excavator manufactured by leading construction equipment company Komatsu. Designed for demanding applications in construction, mining and quarrying operations.


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Important specific features of the Komatsu PC1250 excavator


Operating Weight: The operating weight of the PC1250 generally varies between 117 and 132 tons. Its sturdy construction and heavy-duty components provide the stability and durability needed to tackle tough job sites.

Engine: Powered by a powerful Komatsu SAA6D170E-7 engine with 6 cylinders producing 578 kW, providing a net power of 723 horsepower. The engine is designed for high performance and fuel efficiency, providing optimum productivity and reduced operating costs.

Bucket Capacity and Digging Depth: Komatsu PC1250 excavator offers different bucket options with capacities ranging from 6.7 to 7.5 cubic meters. The maximum digging depth is approximately 8.4 meters, and its long-range boom arm enables efficient and productive loading operations.


Komatsu PC1250 excavator specific features
Komatsu PC1250 excavator specific features


Other important features of the Komatsu PC1250 excavator


Hydraulic System: PC1250 has an advanced hydraulic system that provides precise and efficient control of the machine. It provides fast and effective material handling by offering fast cycle times and powerful digging forces.

Cabin Design: The cabin of the PC1250 is designed for operator comfort and safety. It provides ample space, excellent visibility and low noise levels, reducing operator fatigue during long working hours. The cabin also features ergonomic controls and climate control system for greater comfort.

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Technology Integration: The excavator can be equipped with a variety of optional technologies such as advanced machine monitoring systems, GPS guidance and telematics solutions. These technology integrations improve operational efficiency, machine performance and data management.

Ease of Maintenance and Service: PC1250 is manufactured with proper maintenance and serviceability in mind. It combines features such as ground-level access to daily maintenance points, easily replaceable filters and centralized lubrication points, reducing downtime and simplifying routine maintenance tasks.


Komatsu PC1250 excavator features
Komatsu PC1250 excavator features




The Komatsu PC1250 hydraulic excavator is a heavy-duty machine that offers exceptional power, productivity and durability. With its advanced features and high-quality structure, it is suitable for demanding applications where efficient excavation and material transportation is required.

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