Features of the LeTourneau L-2350 loader, the world’s largest wheel loader

The LeTourneau L-2350 is a heavy equipment vehicle considered to be the world’s largest wheel loader. This large loader is manufactured by LeTourneau Technologies. The giant loader continues to maintain its distinction as the world’s largest wheel loader by producing its current versions under the P&H brand.


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LeTourneau L-2350 Areas of use


LeTourneau L-2350 is generally used for heavy material handling operations in mining and operating areas. Large mining companies prefer to speed things up. As we mentioned in the bucket loading capacity in the subheadings, the huge bulk capacity allows trucks to be loaded quickly. As in every sector, especially in large mining areas, speeding up work is only possible with a larger bucket. For this reason, the largest bucket ever produced belongs to the LeTourneau L-2350 loader.


LeTourneau L-2350 Areas of use
LeTourneau L-2350 Areas of use




The Weight of this loader is 266.62t and the Bucket capacity is exactly 40.52m³. The transport length is measured as 20.27m, the transport width is 6.76m and the transport height is 6.73m. Travel speed doesn’t seem bad at all for this giant loader, at 19.31km/h.


Important details about LeTourneau L-2350


LeTourneau L-2350 is powered by a 5400 horsepower engine and has a maximum speed of 19.31km/h. It is also equipped with a hydraulic system and has high-performance power transmission and transport capabilities.

The LeTourneau L-2350 has a rugged construction and is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions. It also provides a comfortable working environment for the operator.

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This loader is used in large mining operations in many parts of the world. It is also a preferred machine in other industries that need to carry heavy loads. The LeTourneau L-2350 is a powerful option for moving large workloads quickly and effectively.


LeTourneau L-2350 details
LeTourneau L-2350 details


Other highlights of the LeTourneau L-2350


The L-2350 weighs approximately 258 tons and has a height of 8.16 meters, a length of 15.10 meters, a width of 6.52 meters. The engine power that enables this giant loader to move is 2,300 horsepower. Its maximum speed is 19.31km/h. Bucket capacity is 40.52 cubic meters.

As we have mentioned above, this loader, which is mainly used in heavy works such as mining and construction, can carry out load transportation and unloading operations quickly and effectively thanks to its high-performance hydraulic system.

The operator’s cab of this loader features a set of ergonomic control panels and viscosity-resistant glass. Additionally, this loader is equipped with an environmentally friendly engine and saves fuel. The LeTourneau L-2350 is easy to use and offers the operator a comfortable and safe working environment.

The LeTourneau L-2350 can be used efficiently in large quarry and mine sites and can move large amounts of load quickly.

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