Loading trucks with Caterpillar 365C Excavator

The large bucket of the Caterpillar 365C Excavator does not keep trucks waiting on the construction site. The Excavator, which can load up to 4.8 m3 at a time, fills trucks with an average carrying capacity of up to 20 tons with 2 – 3 buckets in a short time. This allows work to be accelerated on the construction site, saving time, increasing efficiency and ultimately gaining happy customers.


YouTube video


It was a great to found a vlog which is made you inspired. Thank you and always humble

This video showcases the true potential of excavators. It’s amazing to see what these machines can do in the hands of a skilled operator

i always enjoy watchin these heavy engines interacting with the earth…it is really realy very amaizing

watching this at the totoro rave in brooklyn while i’m starving to death from no rentery, this fed me n my friend so well, thank u for ur amazing work, I love the taste of dirt and rock. Wish every scoop here had a purpose tho.

If this is real life it looks like a really realistic game

Me and my son really enjoyed watching this thanks for the upload

Beautiful Cat 365C excavator, only 3 passes to fill a truck. Neat operating too!


Caterpillar 365C Excavator Trucks Loading
Caterpillar 365C Excavator Trucks Loading
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