From Rocks to Sand: The Amazing Process of Artificial Sand Production.

Nowadays, sand extracted from nature is rapidly depleting all over the world with the influence of the rapidly developing construction industry. For this reason, many countries have provided many incentives to the construction sectors regarding the production of artificial sand. In fact, this is the desire of the construction industry in terms of improving quality. Because the adhesion rate of artificial sand is higher than natural sand.


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How is artificial sand produced?


First of all, if we talk about artificial sand, it is formed by the combination of rocks with a particle size of less than 4.75 mm. Artificial sand can also be called crushed sand. Because artificial sand production involves the process of breaking down rocks. During the process, artificial sand is produced by the operation of multiple machines. This process proceeds after the rock is passed through the coarse crushing machine, then the fine crushing machine, the sieving machine, the washing process of the sieved sand and the final artificial sand.


artificial sand
artificial sand
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