The World’s Largest Giant Tunnel Boring Machine

Increasing traffic density and increasing vehicles in parallel with the increasing population have revealed the importance of the metro more clearly today. Metros are one of the blessings that create an alternative solution to transportation and relieve traffic.


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Well, have you ever wondered how the tunnels that allow the subways, which we usually encounter much more frequently in big cities, to travel under the city so quickly were opened? There are tunnel boring machines designed for these tunnels. These machines are divided into two: hard rock and soft rock. These machines vary depending on whether hard rocks or soil are encountered during tunneling.


tunnel boring machine
tunnel boring machine


Another important criterion in tunnel boring machines is size. The diameter of the tunnel opened by the world’s largest tunnel boring machine is 17.6 meters. The name of this giant machine is Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok. The machine was used to connect Tuen Mun Check Lap Kok in Hong Kong. This giant machine is followed by the Japanese brand Bertha with a diameter of 17.5 meters.

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