How to Harvest Thousands of Tons of Peanuts?

We are here again with another great content! Growing peanuts is a fascinating journey that starts underground and ends today with a delicious snack. Get ready to watch a detailed step-by-step look at each process, from soil to prep to peanut butter, sit back and enjoy this great informative content.


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Contrary to popular belief, in the video we will see that peanuts are not nuts, but legumes that grow underground. In this process, first of all, the field is cleaned, watching the removal of previous crop residues, weeds, stones and other debris. This ensures a better learning process.



Its fascinating to see how agriculture machines have progressed over the years. The efficiency and capabilities of modern equipment are game-changers for farmers worldwide.

Watching these machines work and make sounds is so exciting

Very well done. Great explanation without going overboard. I love me some damn peanut butter!!! ️️ Thank you!!

These machines are a remarkable testament to human innovation, creativity, and ingenuity.

As somebody that has done this manually, it’s impressive to see how machines do it. Impressive

I hope you will continue to show us your traditional cooking. It’s better than watching all those world famous chefs . Also your traditional attire and lifestyle are so wholesome , healthy and peaceful. It’s very soothing watching your videos . And it’s an honor to have you visit our channel, we can discuss more about our experiences in harvesting and building farms.

Worked at a large slaughter house and twice a year they would have a huge train box car filled with bags of peanut shells. Would take 5 of us all day to unload them then restack them a few hundred feet from box car.They used them in cattle pens to help keep them somewhat dry. Would have a few broken open bags and end of day we had to sweep the box car. Never once found a peanut .

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