Design of 2 Farmall 20 Tractors mounted side by side

Two tractors mounted side by side? Yes, although it sounds a little unusual, this invention was made by Dwight Garrett in the 1956s.


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Dwight Garrett thought that the tractors he had in 1956 were insufficient in terms of power. The technologies of those years were not yet developed enough to produce a sufficiently powerful engine. Dwight Garrett handled this situation with his own method and created this extraordinary design by combining two tractors.

Although this initiative seems to be a hobby for him, it is thought that the fact that the tractor in his hand can pull 2 plows and the agricultural lands are extremely large inspired him to make this special design.

It is known that Dwight Garrett uses the new design double tractor he created by differentiating its wheels as iron or large design according to the terrain conditions.


Tractor used for combine


The tractor model that Dwight Garrett uses for his combine work is the Farmall 20 model, produced by Farmall. This tractor is designed for a variety of tasks on small and medium-sized farms or estates. The Farmall 20 typically has a diesel engine, four-wheel drive and a variety of attachments and tools for different agricultural applications. It is known for its versatility, maneuverability and ease of use.


Farmall F20 Tractor
Farmall F20 Tractor


What are the Features of Farmall 20 Tractor?


Farmall 20 was produced between 1932 and 1939. The given model number 20 indicates that it can work with two plows. Farmall 20 is equipped with a four-speed and four-cylinder diesel engine with 29 horsepower. It is known that a total of 148,000 units were produced during the production period, approximately 7 years.

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Farmall F20 Tractor Features
Farmall F20 Tractor Features

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