Komatsu D375A-8 Bulldozer’s large blades push soil easily

The biggest reason why Komatsu D375A-8 Bulldozer’s large blades push the soil easily is the Komatsu engine that pushes it with 474/636 kW/HP power.


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Komatsu D375A-8 Bulldozer weighs 72.9 tons. With a blade capacity of 22 m³, this weight increases up to 3 times during operation, depending on the fullness of the blade. The automatic transmission supports the 474/636 kW/HP engine that can move this weight. Komatsu has brought many innovative technologies with its D375A-8 version. The highlights of these technologies are the rear view camera system, secondary engine shut-off switch and seat belt warning indicator.


Komatsu D375A-8 Bulldozer blades
Komatsu D375A-8 Bulldozer blades


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