Komatsu D475A Bulldozer Removes Rocks from the Land with Ripper

Komatsu D475A Bulldozer removes rocks from rocky terrains and prepares the ground before smoothing, thanks to the Ripper equipment that its competitors carry on the back.


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Although many bulldozers provide this, as we mentioned, the movement of the ripper stuck in the ground can only be achieved with a powerful engine. If bulldozers carrying rippers stuck in rocky hard terrain do not have a powerful engine, they can only provide the process with superficial softening. Bulldozers with powerful engines, such as the Komatsu D475A Bulldozer, have no difficulty in pushing their rippers that sink half a meter into the ground.


Komatsu D475A Bulldozer Ripper
Komatsu D475A Bulldozer Ripper


Bulldozer with Komatsu’s SAA12V140E-7 engine type produces 697 kW power. This power allows the ripper, which is stuck half a meter into the ground, to move without difficulty and unearth the hard rocks on the ground.

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