Caterpillar 794 AC dump truck with a payload capacity of 291 tonnes.

Let’s find out the answer to the question why we call it huge by looking at the huge features of the Caterpillar 794 AC Dump Truck.


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The Caterpillar 794 AC Dump truck is designed to carry a net load of 291t. We would like you to know that this weight is even more than 10 standard dump trucks. You must be guessing how much a dump truck that can carry 10 truckloads of cargo at a time can speed up work at the mine site. The required size to carry this load is designed as 15.46 m in length and 8.74 m in width.


Caterpillar 794AC Truck
Caterpillar 794AC Truck


Of course, to move this huge machine, it is necessary to have an engine as powerful as 10 trucks and be ready to bear the fuel consumption of this engine. The engine that gives this power to the Caterpillar 794 AC Dump Truck is Caterpillar’s own C175-16 coded engine that produces 2561 kW of power.

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