Komatsu WA1200 wheel loader with a weight of 220.55 t.

Komatsu WA1200 wheel loader is a large sized work machine, The loader is designed for heavy construction, mining and transportation applications.


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Specific features of the Komatsu WA1200 wheel loader


Weight: Weight of Komatsu WA1200 wheel loader is 220.55 tons.

Engine Power: Komatsu WA1200 wheel loader is equipped with a high power engine and operates reliably in terms of performance. This engine has 16 cylinders and produces 1,411 kW of power.

Bucket Capacity: Komatsu WA1200 wheel loader has a large bucket capacity of 35 m³. Thanks to this bucket, large amounts of material transportation and loading operations can be used effectively.

Dimensions: Komatsu WA1200 wheel loader measures 7.7m in height, 18.405m in length and 6.4m in width.


Komatsu WA1200 Specific Features
Komatsu WA1200 Specific Features


Other key features of the Komatsu WA1200 wheel loader


Operator Comfort: Equipped with a comfortable cab and user-friendly controls to provide an ergonomic working environment.

Safety Features: It includes various security features for work safety, such as rear view camera, automatic braking system, etc.

High Efficiency: Thanks to its high power and large bucket capacity, it can carry out material transportation and loading tasks quickly and efficiently.


Komatsu WA1200 Features
Komatsu WA1200 Features



Komatsu WA1200 is a front loader optimized for heavy load transportation and loading in large-scale construction and mining projects. It provides efficient operation with its high performance, reliability and user-friendly features.

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