Hitachi ZX670LCR Hydraulic Excavator

Hitachi ZX670LCR is a hydraulic excavator designed for heavy construction projects.


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What are the specific features of the Hitachi ZX670LCR Excavator?


Weight: The Hitachi ZX670LCR Excavator weighs 69 t.
Engine power: Equipped with a powerful diesel engine to provide high performance. This engine has 6 cylinders and produces 312 kW of power.
Bucket capacity: The ZX670LCR has a mid-range bucket capacity and is effective in medium-sized digging and loading jobs. Bucket capacity is 2.9 m³ and can be increased to 3.6 m³ later.
Dimensions: Hitachi ZX670LCR Excavator measures 4.2 m in height, 12.7 m in Length and 3.62 m in Width.


Hitachi ZX670LCR Excavator Specific Features
Hitachi ZX670LCR Excavator Specific Features


Other key features of the Hitachi ZX670LCR Excavator


Operator Comfort: The large and ergonomically designed cabin offers the operator a comfortable working environment. The air conditioning system provides a comfortable indoor environment.

Occupational Safety: ZX670LCR attaches importance to operator safety. There are safety features such as rearview cameras, emergency stop button and various alarm systems.

Technology: It has technological features such as advanced hydraulic systems, fuel-efficient electronic controls and advanced control systems. Thanks to telematic systems, machine performance and maintenance tracking becomes easier.


Hitachi ZX670LCR Excavator Features
Hitachi ZX670LCR Excavator Features


Hitachi ZX670LCR Excavator Overview


Hitachi ZX670LCR is a compact hydraulic excavator that can be used effectively in medium-sized construction projects. It has features that provide engine power, operator comfort and work safety. Additionally, it contributes to efficient working thanks to its technological features.

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