Leaving the ready-made bridge into the water channel with work machines

It is brought to the area where it will be installed, using wheels, under a pre-prepared road for the water channel. All that remained was to leave the bridge-shaped road to the water channel, but this was not as easy as it seemed. Because the ground of the water channel was probably full of deep unevenness and the end part of the road entering the channel was stuck there. However, as a result of the rational and intensive work of the construction machines, at the end of the day, the road became a bridge to the water channel as desired.


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It was probably not anticipated that the previously thought-about wheels would get stuck in the unevenness of the canal as soon as they entered the water canal. However, the company, which had sufficient work equipment at its disposal, went through a difficult process, but as a result, it did this job successfully.


water channel
water channel
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