Overview of features of the Liebherr LB28 Giant drilling rig

Liebherr LB28 is a high-efficiency drilling rig manufactured by Liebherr Group, a leading provider of construction machinery and equipment. It is specially designed for deep foundation applications such as piling and drilling.


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Specific features of the Liebherr LB28 drilling rig


The LB28 is capable of drilling deep boreholes with a maximum drilling diameter of up to 3 meters (9.8 feet) and a maximum drilling depth of approximately 140 meters (459 feet). This makes it suitable for a wide range of foundation projects, including large-scale infrastructure and high-rise construction.


Liebherr LB28 drilling rig Specific features
Liebherr LB28 drilling rig Specific features


Other important features of the Liebherr LB28 drilling rig


Multi-Purpose Application: The LB28 is a versatile drilling rig that can perform many tasks including drilling with Kelly equipment, continuous flight augers, full displacement tools, and soil mixing. Its adaptability allows it to handle a variety of ground conditions, from soft to hard soils.

Dual Rotary Drilling: The LB28 features a dual rotary drilling system that allows for efficient and precise drilling. This technology includes a rotating head that moves the casing while the auger simultaneously drills, increasing productivity and accuracy.

Powerful Engine: Equipped with a powerful engine that provides reliable performance and high drilling speeds. The LB28 is usually equipped with a Liebherr diesel engine that provides sufficient power for demanding drilling applications.

Advanced Control System: The drill is equipped with an advanced computer-aided control system that allows precise monitoring and control of drilling operations. This helps optimize productivity and deliver accurate results.

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Safety and Comfort: LB28 is designed with operator safety and comfort in mind. It has an ergonomic cabin with excellent visibility and sound insulation. The cab is equipped with modern controls, air conditioning and comfortable seating to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for the operator.

Portability and Mobility: LB28 is designed to provide ease of transportation and mobility on construction sites. It can be broken down into smaller components, allowing for easy transport and quick installation. In addition, it has crawler tracks that provide excellent stability and mobility, allowing movement on different terrains.


Liebherr LB28 drilling rig features
Liebherr LB28 drilling rig features


Liebherr LB28 drilling rig overview


The Liebherr LB28 drill is a reliable and versatile machine that offers powerful drilling capabilities for deep foundation applications. Its advanced features, effective control system and operator comfort make it a popular choice for various construction projects around the world.

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