Performance of the world’s largest bulldozer Komatsu D575

Komatsu D575 is a super dozer produced by Komatsu in Japan that is larger than all its competitors.


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When we look at the features that allow it to receive this title, its weight of 152 tons and the huge 860 kW engine that moves this weight come to the fore. In fact, it is much higher than its competitors with all its other features. Because the length of the Komatsu D575 Bulldozer is 11.71 m, its width is 7.39 m and its height is 4.88 m. The ripper can dig to a depth of 2.06m and its giant blade can move 96m3 of soil.


D575 Bulldozer
D575 Bulldozer


It shouldn’t be difficult to level the mountains with this wonderful bulldozer.

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