Transport method of largest sized loads

Transporting oversized loads is a process that requires special equipment and careful planning. Common methods used to transport the largest oversize loads can be listed as follows.


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Heavy-duty trucks with multi-axles and trailers


Heavy-duty trucks with multi-axles and trailers distribute weight evenly to transport oversized loads. It is designed to carry large and heavy loads safely.


Multi-Axle Trailers


Also like heavy duty trucks, multi-axle special trailers are designed to support and distribute the weight of oversized loads.


Escort Vehicles


Trucks carrying oversized loads often need escort vehicles to ensure safe passage on the roads. Escort Vehicles undertake the task of helping to guide transportation safely, preventing accidents and directing the truck carrying the load.


Permits and Regulations


For transportation of oversized loads, permission must be obtained from local authorities and regulations determined by local authorities must be followed.


Special Equipment


Different special equipment such as cranes, forklifts or lifting devices are also needed to load and unload large-sized cargo onto transport vehicles.



Oversized Loads Are Transported
Oversized Loads Are Transported


The combination of specialized equipment, skilled operators, careful planning and adherence to regulations is essential for flawless transportation of the largest loads.

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