Powerful Features of the CAT D11R Bulldozer That Allow It to Move on Rough Terrain

CAT D11R, Caterpillar Inc. It is a large bulldozer produced by. It is widely used in various industries including mining, construction and earthmoving.


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The features that make the CAT D11R Bulldozer a reliable and powerful bulldozer for heavy earthmoving and construction works are as follows.


What are the Specific Features of the CAT D11R Bulldozer?


Weight: The weight of the CAT D11R Bulldozer is 100.5 t.

Engine Power: The CAT D11R Bulldozer is equipped with a powerful diesel 3508 BEUI type engine providing 634 kW of power. This robust engine provides the power and torque needed for heavy-duty dozing and pushing operations.

Blade Capacity: CAT D11R Bulldozer comes with a large blade with a capacity of 34 cubic yards. This allows for efficient and effective material movement and grading.


CAT D11R Specific Features
CAT D11R Specific Features


What are the Other Important Features of the CAT D11R Bulldozer?


Track System: The bulldozer features a durable track system designed to provide excellent traction and maneuverability in a variety of terrain. Tracks distribute the weight of the machine evenly, reducing ground pressure and minimizing soil compaction.

Operator Comfort: D11R prioritizes operator comfort with its spacious and ergonomic cabin. It has features such as air conditioning, adjustable seating area and low noise level, providing a comfortable working environment for long periods of time.

Advanced Technology: Some models of the D11R are equipped with advanced technology features such as GPS-based guidance systems and automatic blade control. These technologies increase precision, productivity and efficiency in earthmoving operations.

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Ripper Attachment: The rear of the bulldozer may have a ripper attachment used to break up hard materials such as rocks or frozen ground. This attachment increases the versatility and capabilities of the machine.

Safety Features: The CAT D11R incorporates various safety features, including ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) certified cab, rear view cameras and advanced braking systems, ensuring operator safety during operation.


CAT D11R Features
CAT D11R Features

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