Komatsu 930E Dump Truck with a carrying capacity of 320 tons

Komatsu 930E is a large transport truck widely used in the mining industry. It is known for its impressive payload capacity and advanced technology features. The 930E is designed to optimize efficiency and productivity in heavy-duty hauling operations. With its robust structure and powerful engine, it can overcome difficult terrain and carry large amounts of materials.


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Here are the specific features that make the Komatsu 930E a reliable and efficient transport truck for mining operations.


Specific Features of Komatsu 930E Dump Truck


Load Capacity: 930E has a payload capacity of up to 320 tons, allowing it to transport large volumes of materials at once.

Engine Power: Equipped with a powerful diesel engine, usually ranging from 2,500 to 2,700 horsepower, providing the necessary power to tackle heavy loads and difficult terrain. This engine has 16 cylinders and produces 1930 kW of power.

Dimensions: Komatsu 930E Dump Truck’s Length is 15m, Width is 9.15m and Height is 7.45m.


Komatsu 930E Specific Features
Komatsu 930E Specific Features


Other Important Features of Komatsu 930E Dump Truck


Electric Drive System: The truck uses an electric drive system that offers benefits such as improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional mechanical drive systems.

Autonomous Capabilities: Some models of the 930E are equipped with autonomous features that enable them to operate without a human driver. This technology improves safety and productivity by optimizing routes, reducing human error and increasing operational efficiency.

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Advanced Suspension System: The truck is equipped with an advanced suspension system that provides a smooth and stable ride even on rough and uneven surfaces. This feature helps minimize material spillage and maximize operator comfort.

Safety Features: The 930E incorporates a variety of safety features, including advanced braking systems, anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability control, ensuring safe operation in harsh mining environments.

Operator Comfort: The truck’s cabin is designed to prioritize operator comfort and ergonomics. It includes features such as air conditioning, adjustable seats and a user-friendly control interface that provide a comfortable and productive working environment.


Komatsu 930E Features
Komatsu 930E Features

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