Terex RH170 Excavator Fills giant dump trucks in a short time.

Terex RH170 is a hydraulic mining excavator model manufactured by Terex Corporation. It is known for its size and high efficiency in mining operations. The Terex RH170 is designed for heavy-duty use and has a capacity of up to 46 cubic metres. It is equipped with advanced features and technologies to maintain efficiency and safe maintenance.


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The Terex RH170 has a robust body and arm configuration that provides long reach and excellent digging ability. The machine’s operator station is designed for comfort and appearance, with ergonomic controls and advanced monitoring systems for enhanced safety and productivity. Additionally, the Terex RH170 is built with durability in mind, featuring high-quality products and amenities that can withstand harsh operating conditions. There is also sustainable replication of growth by hosting on a legacy site for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.


Terex RH170 Excavator
Terex RH170 Excavator


What are the features of the Terex RH170 excavator?


Size and Capacity Terex RH170 is a large excavator with an operating weight of approximately 1,300 tonnes. Bucket capacity of up to 46 cubic meters allows it to transport significant amounts of material in a single bucket.

Power and Performance The excavator is equipped with a powerful engine that provides high horsepower and torque, allowing for efficient digging and loading operations. The maximum digging depth is approximately 20 meters and the maximum reach is approximately 25 meters.

Boom and Arm Configuration The Terex RH170 features a robust boom and arm configuration designed for optimal digging and turning ability. Boom length is typically around 10 metres; Sleeve length may vary depending on specific temperatures.

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Operator Cabin The excavator’s operator cab is designed for comfort and efficiency. It offers excellent views with large windows and advanced camera systems for greater security. The cab is equipped with ergonomic controls, air conditioning and noise reduction features to provide a comfortable working environment.

Advanced Technology Terex RH170 incorporates advanced archives for improved efficiency and performance. This includes features such as automatic bucket control, load-sensing hydraulics and advanced monitoring systems for real-time data analysis and diagnostics.

Durability and Reliability The excavator is developed with high-quality materials and software to withstand harsh mining environments. It is designed to be durable, with structural structures and protective storage to minimize wear and tear.


Terex RH170 Excavator Features
Terex RH170 Excavator Features


Overview / Conclusion


Overall the Terex RH170 is a reliable and efficient hydraulic mining excavator that excels in large selection mining operations. Its advanced features, content and high productivity make it the preferred choice of many mining companies around the world.

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