The powerful features of the 345CL Excavator saved two dozers from the canal.

Dozers trying to level the slopes after the construction of a new highway slide into the water channel under the slope due to the softness of the ground. To save this situation, they first try with another dozer, but the other one also falls into the water channel. Fortunately, the authorities realized too late that this process was done with the wrong work machine and they overcome the problem with the support of Caterpillar 345CL Excavator.


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Caterpillar 345CL Excavator easily manages to lift two dozers with its giant bucket. In fact, these methods achieve more accurate results with a crane, but this is not always possible. It seems very important to choose the right work machine here.


Rescue moment of 345c excavator
Rescue moment of 345c excavator

Let’s get to know the Cat 345CL Excavator


The Caterpillar 345CL Excavator is one of Caterpillar’s leading construction equipment. This excavator is equipped with a powerful engine and is used in various construction projects. 345CL Excavator is generally used in operations such as excavation, pile driving and material handling. With the high performance of this machine, soil, rocks and other products can be effectively lifted and removed from the ground. It can also be made special with various additions and assignments, thus making it more useful for different jobs.

This excavator also has a high degree of safety and durability. It provides an ergonomic cab for operator comfort and is protectively designed. Also equipped with advanced technologies, the volume and scope of this work increases.

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Highlights of 345CL Excavator


Engine Power The 345CL is generally equipped with a 345 horsepower engine. This powerful engine provides high performance in harsh operating conditions.

Excavation Capacity This excavator typically has an excavation storage capacity of between 1.5 and 2.5 cubic metres. This allows large volumes of excavation to be completed more quickly and effectively.

Lifting Capacity, 345CL Excavator has a storage capacity of approximately 20-25 tons. In this way, you can carry out heavy loads or store them.

Working Radius, Excavator usually has an average working radius of 8-10 meters. This makes it possible to protect a large area and increases maneuverability.

Cabin Features, Designed for operator comfort, the cabin offers ergonomic controls, comfortable seats and good appearance. It is also often used in the cabin to reduce noise and sounds.

Technology and Controls, Caterpillar 345CL is equipped with advanced technologies. These may include a touch-screen control panel, automatic connection systems and advanced sensors.


Highlights of 345CL Excavator
Highlights of 345CL Excavator

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